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Cannon Shots: Tuesday practice - injuries, drills, battles

Tuesday morning practice has concluded, with another practice to begin around 5 PM.  The morning practice included some field goal kicking, some live hitting, goal drills and 9 on 7 drills. 

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- Here we go with the injury updates.  Antonio Bryant had his surgery this morning.  It was considered a success and he should be back in 3 weeks.  He might be available for the last preseason game, but all indications are he'll sit until Dallas.  We'll take a look at his injury here on Buc 'Em later this week.

- Michael Clayton is still out.  He should be back any day, but still may sit out the first preseason game.  Angelo Crowell, Kelly Campbell, Jeremy Trueblood and Sean Mahan are all out still.  Outside of Bryant, nothing serious here.

- Raheem Morris announced that Thursday night's practice will be closed and held at the stadium.  He wants to simulate the game environment and get the team ready for their first preseason game.

- In kicker battles, both Nugent and Bryant went 3 for 3 in the kicking game (Still 0-2 in Bryants favor).  But Bryant did seem concerned with his hamstring with it flaring up again.  Also, apparently Bryant made a field goal but the ball missed the net and hit a little kid in the face.  Ouch!  Morris found the kid and gave him a game ball.

- McCown started to get acquainted with Kellen Winslow, hitting him for a TD in the red zone.  He better get to know him well.  With no AB or Clayton, Winslow is McCown's best friend if he wants to earn the starting job.

- Morris did say that Josh Freeman is still in the hunt for the job and will see the bulk of the playing time on Saturday.  This tells me two things.  One is that Josh Johnson is all but gone.  Two is that Freeman has played ok in camp, but not well enough to really earn the job.  Morris has to dangle the job to keep Freeman working hard.  I don't think he has any shot unless he just wows us in the preseason.

- Morris (and are really hyping Stroughter saying he is in the mix for the slot position. Only problem?  He's towards the bottom of the depth chart thus far.  Could be a motivational tool, just seems if he was that close to winning the job, he'd be higher.

That takes care of the AM practice, we'll recap the PM practice after it happens.