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Cannon Shots: A look at Monday's training camp session

The players were back at it on Monday.  After a pretty light workload this weekend (Friday afternoon off, Saturday afternoon off and a day of rest on Sunday), it was time to get back into gear and get ready for the week build up to the first preseason game.  Let's take a quick run through Monday's practice.

- The depth chart was released on Monday, and is available on Buc 'Em, right here

- Let's get the injuries out of the way.  Antonio Bryant will miss the entire preseason with some work to be done on his knee.  I've heard reports of meniscus pain, draining fluid, or a torn meniscus.  I'll admit I'm no doctor, but it looks like he should be available week 1 at this rate, per Raheem Morris (as interviewed by Steve Duemig).

Other injuries are Michael Clayton, Jeff Faine and Derrick WardMatt Bryant was back in action and looked to be healed from his leg injury.  Jeremy Trueblood and Sean Mahan were also absent from practice.

- The defense looked to be the sharper of the two units, as during quick change drills, both McCown and Leftwich were picked off.  Both Freeman and Johnson got some more reps, but Freeman was put forth a reportedly "Disappointing effort".  Leftwich did make some good throws and still is very much in the QB race.

- Elbert Mack continues his hot play, with another interception in camp.  Adam Hayward contributed a pick and Ronde Barber broke up a pass on a scenario where the offense had to score from the 20 to win. 

Just the one practice session today, but the big news is Bryant being out for a few weeks.  Lets hope he gets that cleaned up and can be on the field in Dallas. May be a good thing to get him some rest and allow the young guys a few more reps in training camp.