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ON THIS DAY- August 10th, 2000

Fresh off their loss in the NFC Championship game, the Bucs were heavy favorites to go to the superbowl! As we know, the season started out making all the predictors look like geniuses. That is until no one saw Curtis Martin take off his glove and throw a TD pass to beat the Bucs and start a 4 game slide. Way before that, in the second preseason game for both clubs, the Bucs went to and took on their cross state rivals the Miami Dolphins

The version of this game I have is incomplete, so instead, you will get to see the thrilling conclusion of the game, the last 15 minutes all complete! ENJOY!




After watching the beginning sequence, who was the better return man, Clifton Smith or Aaron Stecker?

Yes Smith went to the probowl, but did Stecker get enough chances? Did he have the same quality of blockers? As the defense was much better then, did he not have enough attempts because the other teams did not score as much(Not a bad problem to have)?