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Do the Bucs need an indoor practice facility?

Living in the Tampa Bay area, I know that rain and lightning can come at anytime, particularly in the summer.  In fact, during the summer months it seems that you are guaranteed rain at least once a day, usually at the same time as the previous day.  Being in the lightning capital of the world, it doesn't make scheduling outdoor events easy. 

It has affected the Bucs this year, their first year with training camp in Tampa.  Two practices have been canceled or delayed thus far, and it won't be a surprise to see another one canceled along the way.  It's obviously not the rain that is the big deterrent to practice, it's the lightning.

With that concern, particularly in Tampa, why don't the Bucs have an indoor practice facility?  Should they have one?  I'm not sure how many teams have an indoor facility, but of any franchise, it would make sense for the Bucs to get one.  During summer OTA's or training camp, it would keep the team from having to cancel other practices, and during the season, it would allow them to practice for dome stadiums, as well as avoid any weather. Of course, I'd imagine it would cost us taxpayers some more money down the road.

So what do you think, do the Bucs need an indoor practice facility?  Sound off in the comments section.