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Cannon Shots: Closing notes on first day of training camp

Day one of camp is officially over.  The Bucs had their night practice at Raymond James Stadium with anywhere from 12,000 to 15,000 fans in attendance.  Pretty neat turnout and scene. 

- McCown is still taking snaps with the first team.  Seems like he's in the lead (by default), but he's done nothing to lose the job.

- Leftwich has a gun.  All reports indicate his arm is looking live as he's connected on several deep passes thus far.

- Dexter Jackson is turning some heads.  Not shying away from contact, making catches.  Could be the first year was just a wake up call.  I imagine it's difficult to go from Division 1-AA (Or FCS, whatever they call it now) to the NFL. 

- Cadillac was initially supposed to be held out of tonight's practice, but he was active, that's a good sign.

- Michael Clayton is looking solid, and found the end zone.  Cannons went off.  Please repeat this during the season

- Raheem Morris has a ton of energy.  Guess he should at his age.

- Gaines Adams has had some pressure put on him by Morris.  I'll touch on this later, but let's hope he responds well to being under the microscope.

- The new schemes are being put in place.  Aqib Talib has made some nice plays, but overall, the secondary is a bit shaky rusty.

Day two starts tomorrow at 2:15.  By the way, two weeks from today is the Bucs first  pre-season game.  Hard to believe it's almost here.