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Cannon Shots: News from first morning practice at training camp

A few noteworthy items from the Bucs first training camp practice:

- As reported, full pads were worn and the hitting was aplenty.

- An extra field goal session was added to let fans watch the Nug and Bryant compete.

- Tonight's practice is shells only at the stadium

- McCown is taking first team reps and looking sharp.  He continues like this, it's his job.

- Plenty of dropped passes, but some nice catches by Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton

- Elbert Mack made a nice interception, trying to solidify the Nickel CB spot.

- Stylez G. White lit up Clifton Smith pretty good.

- There was a Dexter Jackson sighting.  He hauled in a long catch from Josh Freeman

- Cadillac was out there running and cutting.  Hard to believe he has had two major injuries.

- The QB's are sporting yellow jerseys.  Looks like some sort of Steeler's throwbacks (all yellow with black numbers)

Overall, it's off to a good start.  Morris seems very comfortable out there running things his way.  Keep checking Buc 'Em for training camp info.