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Thursday Morning Links for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Welcome back Bucs fans.  Let's dive right in here at Buc 'Em and take a look at what's being said about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers around the league. 

More gambling news - This time it's (relatively) positive.  The over/under on Bucs wins this season has been set at 6.5.  This article says take the over (more than 6.5 wins) and expect an 8-8 season.  Hey, its better than seeing we're a long shot to win the division.

Derrick Ward may steal the job - This article essentially hands the job to Ward based on Graham's inability to keep Dunn off the field last year.  Personally, I don't care who starts or who gets more carries, as long as the job gets done.  Last year, Brandon Jacobs "started" but Ward and Bradshaw saw a ton of carries, not a bad way to go. 

A look at our receivers and tight ends - Let me start out with the bad.  The writes gives our WR/TE a C+.  He mainly harps on our lack of depth,  He also points towards our QB questions.  We get it, we don't have a clear cut starter......yet.  The good point he makes, is that we've tied up a good chunk of money this year in the receiving corps between Clayton, Winslow and Bryant.  This definitely means they need to live up to the billing. 

Cover 2 spreads West - The Tampa 2 isn't quite dead yet.  Looks like Seattle will be running it with ex-Bucs QB coach Gus Bradley. 

Look at the Bucs running back situation - This comes from a Ravens fan site that apparently are very high on Ward.  They also give a quick preview of every team's running back situation.

McNair and Williams - A look at the relationship between Doug Williams and the late Steve McNair.  Williams had this to say "There is a fraternity you don't have to talk about, It just is. Where he went to school, where I went. The road he had to travel, the road I had to travel. When something like this happens, it's almost like losing a brother who isn't a brother. "

NFC South: Three New Faces, Three New Defenses - A look at Bates' scheme, why it will succeed and why it will fail.  A very quick overview of his defense if you aren't familiar with it. 

ESPN Ultimate Franchise Standings - Well, we've fallen down the ranks a bit.  Ranked 68th last year, we're now down to 73rd.  There are 122 total teams so this puts us in the bottom half.  Also a good read if you want to see some failed attempts at pirate/ship humor. 

Bucs players visit a military base. - Two players (Will Allen and Michael Clayton) visit a military base in Japan.  I think it's neat to see players take time out to do this. 

That's the end of the links for Thursday morning.  Hope you enjoyed them, found some good information and they helped move the morning right along.  Be sure to leave your comments below and continue to visit us at