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Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Wednesday Morning Links


 A few links to start off Wednesday morning.  Another day, a few more looks at our inexperienced young team.

Can Morris defy the odds? - Doesn't appear that Vegas is too high on Raheem Morris and company winning the NFC.  Maybe if you believe enough you should drop a few clams on the Bucs to win the NFC, you know, if sports betting was legal.

Winslow in Fantasy - Overrated? - Telling us more of what we already know, a fantasy look at Kellen Winslow (Here's a preview; They think Winslow might have a gimpy knee and attitude problem..........shocker). 

Glazer's selling off assets - From the financial portion, Glazer's sell the controlling stake in a company George H. Bush started.  The Glazer's have had a controlling stake since 1992.  What does this mean?  Could be nothing, could show they are hurting for cash with Manchester United bleeding.  Speculation can be fun, until it hurts your team.

Buccaneer Camp Dilemma - Breaking News: It rains in Florida.  That is all.

NFC South Running Game - A quick look at the NFC South, particularly the running backs and how they fared in 2008 with a brief look at 2009.

Wilkerson a breakout player? - This article is a little older, but I wanted to bring it up as not many people are familiar with Jimmy Wilkerson.  If you had told me we'd be running Monte's Tampa 2, I'd so "No way is he gonna break out this year".  But with Jim Bates in town and his history with Jason Taylor, Trace Armstrong, Ogunleye, and Aaron Kampman, maybe he can make something out of Wilks also.  The premise for the article seems far-fetched.  ESPN is essentially calling him a break out player mainly due to the fact that he has practiced with the first team in the offseason.  Maybe they know something, I certainly wouldn't object to double digit sacks from Wilks.

Bucs need a WR? - According to one columnist they do.  And who do they say could fit the bill?  Ex-Qb turned WR turned junkie Matt Jones.  He is on the young side of things, but unless Dominik does a 180 after saying we didnt need Plax, I can't see Mr. Jones being signed.

That does it for the early morning links of the day.