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No update on Josh Freeman's contract status

WIth 2.5 days until training camp, there is still no update on Josh Freeman's contract.  While both sides remain hopeful, it's getting to be crunch time with regards to showing up on time.  The only first rounders that have signed are #1 pick Matthew Stafford of the Lions (signed prior to being drafted) and #5 pick Mark Sanchez of the Jets.   Both are coincidentally the only other quarterbacks taken in round 1. 

As other players sign and the ceiling/floor is set for each pick, expect contracts to get hammered out.  The problem for Freeman is this;  Any player who holds out gets labeled as greedy, but more importantly, misses training camp time, invaluable, particularly for franchise QB's.  As Freeman misses time, he has less of a chance to start this year, thereby giving Morris and Co. the leverage to offer him less. 

The issue on the Bucs end goes back to Morris' raving review of Freeman.  The more he touted him and decalred him "the guy", the more Freeman and his agent are able to demand.  His agent will argue, if he's the guy, pay him like that, up the offer.  The Bucs have hyped Freeman so much that it has probably driven the price up on him.  That's most likely why Dominik stated they'd like to sit Freeman for a year.  If he is seen as a one year backup, then starter, the contract demands should lessen.

I attempted to come up with an original way to say this, but Florio from PFT says it best.

The simple reality in this dog-chases-tail exercise is that, the sooner Freeman signs, the greater the likelihood he'll play this year.  And the greater the likelihood he'll play this year, the more money his agents will want now, thereby slowing down the chances that he'll sign quickly.  Which in turn reduces the likelihood that he'll play this year.

Not much time is left for either Freeman or the Bucs to complete a deal and get  him into camp.  Do you think he'll be a hold out, or will he be in camp on time?  Use the poll on the right hand side of Buc 'Em's front page to let us know.