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A week away from training camp

We're at one of the more agonizing points of the off-season, the short wait before training camp.  We're just over a week away but yet it feels like months away.  With training camp comes the signal of pre-season, which begets the regular season and then we're in for 17 of the shortest weeks of our lives (so it seems) to get to the playoffs. 

We all know the stories going into training camp.  Heck, we've been re-hashing them for the last few months.

- How will Raheem handle his first training camp?

- Will the players take to and understand the new offensive and defensive schemes?

- What roles will the new players play?

- Who will win the position battles at key positions?

- Will Freeman even be in camp on time?

- How will training camp hold up at a new location?

There are undoubtedly more stories to be told, but the two biggest to me are the new schemes (and if we have the personnel to pull it off) and will Freeman get in camp.  Not too much positive can happen for him if he isn't in camp on time.  The clock is still ticking.

With that said, who from Buc 'Em is going to any of the practices?  Anyone planning on hitting a pre-season game or two?  I will be at two practices (undecided which days) if my schedule allows, and I will be at every home game, pre-season included this year. 

Hop on in to the comments section and drop your thoughts on the questions above or any new scenarios you see playing out in training camp.