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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Guide is Online


For the Bucs fans that just can't get enough information, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Guide is now online.  This link will take you to the overall media guide, and this one right here will take you to the player page  (the guide is in pdf format and may take a minute to load).

This is at least a quick look at the players, coaches, personnel etc for the Bucs this year.  I always find it a good resource to use during training camp and pre-season to figure out who's who and where they came from. 

The media guide being released is just another step pointing towards the approach of football season.  Now, if my season tickets will just get here, I'll be just like Jimmy Fallon in "Fever Pitch", just not as douchey..........and not like Jimmy Fallon.  In other words, I'll be the non-douchey kind of excited.