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Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a bid in supplemental draft

I wanted to follow up on a link posted this morning regarding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their possible foray into the supplemental draft.  Adam Schefter reported an unconfirmed rumor that the Bucs had submitted a 4th rounder for Jeremy Jarmon, a defensive end at the University of Kentucky.  If the pick had gone through, the Bucs would have given up their 2010 4th round pick for Jarmon.  But as things turned out, the Washington Redskins, who snatched Albert Haynesworth from us, bid a 3rd rounder on Jarmon to "draft" him.

The supplemental draft is for those players who did not declare for the regular draft, but between then and now have either foregone their last year of eligibility or been ruled ineligible.  It works in a silent auction type format.  You submit, via email, what round pick you are willing to give up in 2010, highest bidder wins.  The Skins went 3rd rounder, mainly due to the Lions being poised to take him at the top of round 4.

Where Jarmon went is largely immaterial, but the more telling tale is the apparent attempt by the Bucs to use a future pick on a defensive lineman.  I don't think our current line is shaping up to be a dominant force, perhaps coach Morris and Dominik feel the same way.  But their interviews and discussion talk about "going to camp with who we have" and we expect big things from <insert player here.>

That's typical coach speak.  You never hear "Our line is awful, and we need help bad", but I've always found the double talk interesting.  Up until that bid, I was fully prepared to go into camp with the line we had, and hope that Bates would shape them up.  After hearing Morris' comments and then hearing the reports that Jarmon was in play for the Bucs makes me think Morris, Dominik and other personnel are concerned with the D line.  Perhaps we should be concerned too.