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Friday Morning Links for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Buc 'Em

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For those of you didn't notice, the morning links weren't posted yesterday.  I'm only going to post these every other day or so, or as there's news.  With it being the off-season, it's a tad bit slow right now, so there isn't always something newsworthy to post.  But we're back today to get the morning started off. 

Season preview by date - A quick piece that looks at the top 12 dates in the season between now and the end of the year.

One Buc Place has some new faces - BREAKING NEWS:  We have new coaches and new players this year. 

Piscitelli fighting for job - This is just a quick hit, but Sabby Piscitelli will be in competition with Donte Nicholson and Will Allen for the starting job. 

Bucs had a pick in the supplemental draft - Jeremy Jarmon, defensive end from Kentucky was the only player taken in the NFL supplemental draft (Washington took him in the 3rd round).  The Bucs interestingly enough had put in a 4th round pick to take him per Adam Schefter.  If we had taken him, that means we would have lost our 4th round pick next year.  Interesting given the whole "we're going into camp with a great group of guys who can compete" stuff. 

Friday morning links; done.  News at Buc 'Em; always going.