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Back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wednesday Morning Links


With training camp slowly approaching, and the deadline for long-term deals on franchise players being today, let's take a look at the morning links at Buc 'Em.

Bryant and Bucs not working on long term deal - This shouldn't come as a surprise.  I don't know that Bryant wants to be here long term anyways.  If he plays well, his price tag goes up.  If he doesn't live up to expectations, we might be able to keep him for a little bit less.

Another fantasy ranking for Winslow - This has him at #7, which is close to where most publications have him.  We all know the upside potential and downside issues he has.  Let's move on. 

A look at players in new places - Derrick Ward tops the list for the Bucs.  I find it interesting how the sentiment has gone from "He'll split carries with Graham", to now most people are touting Ward as the full-time starter.  Winslow is also mentioned in this piece

Time to get the day started, check out the morning links and let us know what you think.