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Monday Morning Links for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


A good morning and happy beginning of the week Buc's fans!  It's time to get the week started off the right way; that's right, the Monday morning links at Buc 'Em. 

A look at five available players - The Bucs are mentioned as suitors for Matt Jones (but not Plaxico Burress) in this piece.  That sound you just heard is the collective groans of Buc's fans hoping Jones doesn't end up in Tampa.

Can Talib breakout? - A list of players that should be primed for a breakout, and ours is Aqib Talib.  Morris had this to say "He's got a lot of talent and ball skills. He's an instinctive player. We've got to get him to make the splash plays more consistently and not allow the splash plays.''  Seems pretty elementary.

Winslow plans to lead - From the good news/bad news category, Winslow wants to be a leader.  If he can control his emotions, he's built to lead, but I'm more concerned when he either A) gets hurt or B) doesn't see 10 targets a game what his reaction is.

A look at the NFC South - This article focuses on defense and special teams.  We're ranked behind the Panthers but big things are predicted for Clifton Smith as a return man, while our defense manages to attain that "wait and see" viewpoint.  The overview does a good job of pointing out the obvious.

Grading out our defensive backs - A look into the strengths and weaknesses of our DB's.  Talib seems to be on everyone's radar, with a good role of young supporting players ready to jump in the mix. 

That should get you started on Monday morning.  Keep checking back at Buc 'Em for all the latest news.