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Nine Sundays and Counting

With the NFL news being so slow this time of year, I figured I'd update a few things for those who are counting down the days until NFL season starts.

- 2.5 days left for all Franchise players (Antonio Bryant) to sign long-term deals.  After July 15th, it's just a one year deal

- 20 days until Training Camp begins for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  This will be the first glimpse at the team, time to figure out who will make the roster, who will see the field and who will go back to working at the grocery stores.

- 28 days until the first pre-season game (Hall of Fame game: Buffalo @ Tennessee)

- 34 days until the first Bucs pre-season game (@ Tennessee)

- 51days until NFL teams have to cut their roster to 75 players (Thanks to Adam Schefter for the info)

- 55 days until NFL teams have to cut rosters to 53 players (Thanks to Adam Schefter for the info)

- 60 days until the first NFL regular season game (Tennessee @ Pittsburgh)

- 63 days (9 weeks) until the Bucs take the field for their home opener.

There you have it, some of the more important dates in the upcoming season.