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Saturday Morning Links for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Courtesy of Buc 'Em


Man, it's pretty easy to tell that we are in the midst of the dead part of the off-season.  It's been pretty quiet in Buc land, as well as around the NFL.  But I suppose the only real big news this time of year are players getting arrested or cut.  We've done the second and I'm hoping our players are smart enough to stay away from the first.  On to the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Morning Links.

Penn in the top 5 OL? - This piece caught me by surprise.  I wrote not too long ago that Donald Penn was solid, but didn't think he was worthy of the cash he was asking for.  Well Warren Sapp has put Penn in the top 5 offensive linemen in the league.  Not top 5 left tackles, not top 5 Buc's linemen, but top 5 linemen in the NFL.............. I don't really have a response to this other than........prove it this year.

Monte moves on - A look at Monte from a Tennessee point of view.  It'll still be hard to not have his defense on Sundays.  If for nothing less than we knew what to expect, for better or worse.

Re-hashing coaching changes - If you haven't heard, the Bucs have a new coach.  By the way, he has never coached before.  And I forgot to mention, we have a new offensive and defensive coordinator. 

Piscitelli giving back - If you're down in Palm Beach County, there are two football camps today, with the Bucs own Sabby  Piscitelli helping out at one of them. 

Derrick Brooks to the UFL? - This article about made me punch my computer screen.  It's an over view of the UFL, but for a brief sentence it discusses some NFL players that might take part, Marvin Harrison, Michael Vick, and ex-Buc Derrick Brooks.  I can't imagine seeing Brooks go from Mr. Buc, a fan favorite, perennial Pro Bowler and all around good guy to languishing on the field (or even worse, the bench) of a start up league.  Truly disturbing to hear the news. 

That takes care of your trip around Buc nation on Saturday morning.  Remember to stop by for all your Bucs news.