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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Friday Morning Links


Time to close out the week with a look around the interwebz and see what is going on around One Buc Place.  We bring you the morning links here at

Tight End Rankings by Bleacher Report.. - As you might guess, a look at a ranking of all tight ends.  Winslow's name is floated towards the top of this list. 

Rookie quarterbacks  - An excerpt "Freeman’s status is a bit more ambiguous, given the comparative lack of media coverage he’s received since the draft. But should Freeman start in Week 1, given that it would be for first-year coach Raheem Morris, the Tampa fans will understand if there are some growing pains involved."  Sorry, I'm not interested in growing pains (although my wife loves the TV show).  If Freeman starts, it better because he's ready.  I don't want these "learning on the job" situations.  That's what practice and mop up duty is for.

A look at the Bucs QB's - If you believe every word out of this article, you're going to feel pretty bad about our QB situation.  Nothing like some early morning pessimism to get Friday going.

Positional Rankings - This gives a complete ranking of every position.  The Bucs fared pretty well with four players in the top 10 on offense (Winslow, Faine and Joseph, Sears) and one in the top 10 on defense (Ruud). Nice to see some high rankings on offense for a change.  Looks like for the first time in over 15 years the defense has to catch up to the offense.

WR Battle -  Training camp look ahead, Bryan Clark seems to be the clubhouse leader for the #3 WR spot, but with a full camp to go, my guess is it's between Clark, Stovall and Stroughter.  Stovall gets it when we're inside the 20 and Clark may be the guy the rest of the time until Stroughter is ready.

Filling out the roster -  Some intriguing options out there to fill out the roster.  They mention Derrick Brooks, who I can't imagine they will just "fill out the roster with".  That would be a second slap in the face to use him as a camp body.  I could see Pittman as a dual FB/RB, and Plax has been discussed already.  He mentions bringing in Pacman and I have to think that would cause a revolt second only to bringing Vick in.  We don't need to bring in Pacman to "make it rain" , it rains enough in Tampa.

There you go Bucs fans, another morning look at the Bucs.  Be sure to check back at for all your Bucs needs.