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BUC'EM TRIVIA! Win your choice of TWO Bucs Games on DVD!


WIN your Choice of any TWO games From the 1999 or 2000 Regular or Post Seasons! Full game on DVD!



College football always has been a popular sport in the state of Florida. And why not; for the last quarter century we have had the best football programs at our major Universities, and with USF and UCF making strides, maybe soon we will be known as the state with 5 major programs!


But this is a Buccaneer fan site, and this is a Buccaneer fan QUIZ! So its time for you Gator, Nole and Cane fans to  step up and show your knowledge (or lack there of) on our Big state schools and the Bucs!

Q: Which of the following schools have given the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the most starters to wear the Pewter and Red.

This is NOT a play on uniforms question, it can be any of the many combinations of pewter pants, white shirts,red shirts, whatever....but NOT Orange only. If a player started for the Bucs ONLY in Orange uniforms, they don't count. Only players that started with a modern era pewter pirates uniform, even if they started for only one game.  You could start for both, so say Mike Alstott, if he were from one of these  schools, would count, because he wore Orange and Pewter.

Which of these schools have the most starters for the Pewter Buccaneers

1) Miami Hurricanes                  

2) Florida State Seminoles

3) Florida Gators

4) Ohio State Buckeyes (hey, gotta throw that in for Joey G) !

This trivia contest ends FRIDAY morning at 6 am! I will not shut it down even if the correct guess is up. The winner will be the first person to guess the correct answer  with the most complete answer you can, because the tie breaker will be ...

1) correct numbers of each teams players 


2) names of players (you get 2 points for each correct answer, and -3 points for each incorrect answer! Thats how I will do the tie breaker if I get two close callls)!