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Ring Of Honor Contestants - Lee Roy Selmon

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First in a series of ten Bios and Movies: Your nominations for Ring of Honor


Lee Roy Selmon

Tampa Bay Buccaneer 1976-1984



When you think of Lee Roy Selmon, you think of Firsts.

First Buc in the Hall of Fame.

First Buc EVER!

Oh, and Most Sacks by a Buc too.

Lee Roy was the premier 3-4 Defensive End in the late 70’s and early 80s. As the Outland trophy winner at Oklahoma, Lee Roy Selmon was taken with the 1st overall pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their 1976 inaugural draft. He never failed to live up to his reputation.

Known for being a quiet guy off the field, Lee Roy Selmon was anything BUT quiet on one. His ferocious tenacity was evidenced by his film in our video tribute below where he can be seen taking on 2, sometimes 3 blockers, and still get the sack.

Lee Roy finished his career a little earlier than he probably should have, forced into retirement with a bad back before the 1985 season. He ended up with 78.5 sacks in his 9 year career with the team, the current record. 

In 1995, Lee Roy Selmon was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.  Today He works with University of South Florida and was instrumental in USF getting a football team. He has also teamed up with Outback Restaurants and has a restaurant as well as an expressway with his namesake. 

To date he is the only Buccaneer in the Hall of Fame, and most likely the only one to wear an Orange uniform.


Lee Roy Selmon from Niko H on Vimeo.