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This was actually NOT a trick question. Despite a lot of answers to the contrary, the Bucs have not worn any type of Orange uniform after they gave them up in 1996. Preseason 1997 was entirely with the new uniforms.

The most popular answer, Dec 22 1996 Big win over the Bears at home in Game 16 was incorrect, as seen in the photo taken from the game film, we wore our Orange Pants, with White Jerseys. The question is clearly when did we wear our Orange TOPS and White Pants. 

In 1996 we did wear that Vs Arizona, but that was on the road.

So the answer, is Game 16 of the 1995 Season, a  Home game vs Detroit Lions, of which we lost. Trent Dilfer was pulled early in that game so the last QB to take a snap in an Orange Top and White pants, at home, was Casey Weldon.


Personal Note from this 1995 game, I was at this game with my friends corporate tickets 2 rows up off the field, behind the Lions bench. This was a late game, and we were watching the early game on tv, which was a Giants game. This was the Giants game that fans got in trouble for throwing snow balls at players and officials. Something about the combination of what happened in Giants stadium and a mixture of the Beers served at Tampa Stadium had us reliving that early afternoon game; with wads of paper from the program! I nailed kicker Jason Hanson, while my friend came within a few inches of making history by being the first person to whack Barry Sanders with a paper wad!

I don't even want to tell you what we did to poor Bennie Blades whose cousin was accidently shot the week before. That was not nice!

Oh: Note to Authorities and Tampa Stadium (defunct) security personnel: Statute of Limitations has run out!

THANK YOU for all who gave it a shot. This weeks prize will be added to next week's prize, so someone can win 2 games next week! See You Tuesday!