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Tampa Bay Buccaneers to unveil new Jersey this season?


Despite the hatred toward this color combo, the Bucs apparently attempted to use it or produce it back in 2003, to no avail obviously:

So at least I wasn't all alone in thinking this color combo looked pretty good. Considering it never got produced it appears the majority didnt agree with the idea, as is apparent on this site as well, ha!

Original post below:

Can you believe it’s been 12 years since the Bucs unleashed the switch from the Creamsicle jerseys to the Pewter and Red? Honestly the jerseys still feel new to me. I know with the Bucs wearing throwbacks one game this season I shouldn’t get greedy, but if Raheem wants to put his finishing touch on the team, he would do it by revealing a new alternate jersey this season. That would be the final change needed to completely wipe the previous slate clean. Can you point out the new jersey scheme from the image below?

Kind of sticks out like a sore thumb huh? You didn’t think I was going to ask for lame black jerseys did you? No, this new alternate has a Bucs twist to it with the Pewter on Pewter. There’s one other wrinkle in there as well… Do you see it? Notice the orange striping is gone? The Glazers should striken the orange striping from all of the jerseys the Bucs wear immediately, it just clashes with our primary colors and everybody remembers the creamsicle days by now. Also, if you implement a throwback game every other season that’s all you need for nostalgia purposes. A new Head Coach, a new General Manager, a new Quarterback, why not a new look?…

What do you think about the alternate jersey? You got any ideas yourself? Let’s hear it!