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1994: A Measure in Futility- 4th & 27

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Sam Wyche.

Orange Pants.

You remember! The Yucks, Bucco Bruce, the not so glory days. John  Lynch was there. So was Hardy Nickerson.

So was...Craig Erickson.

...and Willy Green!

The scene is game 3 of the 1994 season, the Bucs lost on the road to the Bears (what else was new) but pasted the Colts at home in game 2. Now in came the 0-2 Saints.

The Saints TRIED to give the game away, they really did. But the Bucs just kept saying "no thanks".

Never before has it been so apparent how this team could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Watch; and reminisce. For this is our legacy!

4th & 27, and what follows!

4th & 27 from Niko H on Vimeo.