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Cannon Shots: Horrible QBs, A-Train speaks, and Junk for sale

Buc Blog Brethren:

Joe Bucs Fan interviews Kelly Campbell's CFL Coach from last season, Mike Kelly, the halfrican.

Scott from BucStats does his best Christian Bale impersonation (think the Terminator Head Case) in response to Peter King of Sports Illustrated

Gaines Adams didnt have the necessary strength the past two seasons, let's hope year three is different

Bucs Central figures it's too early to speculate on who the Bucs starting QB will be.

If you live in the Atlanta Area and are a Bucs Fan, you need to check this website out.

Bucs Beat Writers:

Bucs Center Jeff Faine has a Clothing Store in Orlando that serves complimentary beer, no seriously.

Derrick Brooks was busy handing Diplomas out Monday, what were you doing?

Don't count out the Bucs this season, Mike Alstott hasnt

WR Kelly Campbell considers this opportunity his last chance...

Bucs in the National Media:

1040 ESPN Tampa Interview with QB Josh Freeman

Former Bucs FB Jon Bradley was released by the Detroit Lions

From the Bleacher Report: Don't Expect Much from the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2009-10, hat tip to UNFNOLE for the link.

This fan is contemplating giving up his NFL Sunday Ticket thus giving up on the Bucs

The Bucs have the 6th, 9th, and 10th best QBs in the NFC South?

For those of you expecting that second wave of yesterday, um yeah

Tampa Area Sports Blogs:

Raw Charge has a used Trophy Case to sell you

DRaysBay has a word about Bossman Juniors Batting Average