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BUC'Em TRIVIA WINNER! BUCSTATS edges V.Money! Recount Ordered...dismissed!

No Film at 11!

Congratulations to BucStats for edging out V.Money for the Win!


Here are the errors used for determining the winner..

V.Money was first to post, but as I said in rules that this would not end at first answer, but Friday Morning. Due to other reasons, Im ending it on Thursday. Anyone else would have simply copied one of these two guys so that wouldnt be fair.

Bucstats posted the more correct answers, when taking out the same mistakes both guys made, Bucstats is left as our winner!

V.Money both incorrectly included Errict Rhett, who did NOT start for Tampa Bay in 1997. He scored a few TDs in 3rd and Goal short yardage situation, but you guys can both contact Drew Rosenhaus and bash him over the head for giving such bad advice to the best running back to don a Bruce uniform since James Wilder. I simply overlooked the (7) count which was obviously incorrect if you just count the names. LOL.. It happens!

However V.Money also incorrectly included Martin Meyhew, and forgot to include Philip Buchanon and Kevin Carter. Bucstats included P-buc, wether by seeing someone elses post or not, he still included it.

FLORIDA GATORS have more starters in Pewter, with the Noles close behind. Im pretty sure Cane involvement was heavier overall or in Orange days, as USC probably had more starters in Orange than Ohio State did (sorry Joey G if your reading).



Brad Culpepper

Riedel Anthony

Earnest Graham

Ike Hilliard

Jacquez Green

Jason Odom

Kenyatta Walker







Derrick Brooks

Warrick Dunn

Mario Edwards

Dexter Jackson

Brad Johnson

Greg Spires






Horace Copeland

Warren Sapp

Nate Webster

Philip Buchanon



And the team with the cool stickers for good plays...


Will Allen

Joey Galloway

Ricky Dudley



It may be worth noting that had Derrick Brooks gave up his streak, Geno Hayes would have been added.


Thanks for playing!