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Slogan Time: Give Buc 'Em a calling card, er, Slogan

This site has lacked something since its creation in February of 2007. A decent blog writer? You may be right, no I was thinking something more aesthetic and catchy…

Simply put: We don’t have a slogan for the community here. Early on that was fine as there wasn’t a community outside of myself and family members, namely my wife, sister, and mother. Now that we have a real community here (it would be bigger if the lurkers felt compelled to converse with us commoners) we definitely need a slogan; something that represents us all as a whole. Below are the Slogans I’ve come up with in the past, nothing concrete as I wanted the community to chime in on the decision:

  • No Dull Boys Allowed - This is an ode to former Head Coach Jon Gruden. He once said on the practice field that there’s no point in going through life as a dull boy, someone who takes in the action, but never takes part. It’s comical that he would demand that from his football team yet they were collective dull boys to finish the season…
  • Buc ‘Em and Leave ‘Em - I’m embarrassed to say my sister came up with this slogan about a year and a half ago. Sure her intentions were on the mark, her execution though, uh not so much…
  • Some other good slogans across the net:

  • Metsblog - A Grand Central Station for Mets Information - Matthew Cerrone had a similar debate on his website to pick his slogan. I would say he had a favorable outcome.
  • MLB Trade Rumors - If it’s Whispered, we hear it - Not much to say about this one other then it's fairly on point for what his site is about.
  • So let’s hear your suggestions. We’ll take the suggestions, stick them in poll format, and determine the most appropriate slogan that way. The winner will receive something Bucs related and have their slogan placed prominently on the website… Alright get to it!