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BUCSFAN76 Wins 1st BucEm Trivia !!

Congradulations to BUCSFAN76, who won the very first BucEm Trivia Contest!

The Correct answer was 4) All of the above.

Explanation- It IS a trick question. The trick is those are names of famous football NFL players from the 80s & 90s. The "famous" players never played for the Bucs, but the Bucs DID have players with those names play for the team !!!!

Charles White? USC Stud Tailback, 1979 Heisman Trophy winner

also- Charles White Running back Bethune Cookman!

Jeff George? everyones favorite diva ME ME ME Quarterback- Colts, Vikes, Skins....

or....   Jeff George, Safety Illinois State!

Derrick Thomas? Hall of Famer (2009), Linebacker extrodinare.  Past away in 2000.

OR...Derrick Thomas....Running back , Arkansas!

Thanks to those who played! 

Bucsfan76, you can have your choice of Bucs game on DVD from the 2002 season, regular season or Playoffs. Not Preseason.

Email me at with your choice of game, or to ask for information about games available.

Thank You BUCSFAN76! Winner!