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Announcing the Buc 'Em Ring of Honor!

UPDATE: Nominating is now closed.

With the 2009 NFL Draft coming to a close, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers family has grown. With each player added to the roster there is a chance for future greatness. There could be a first-rounder destined to be a legend. Or a diamond in the rough that proves to be a valuable contributor for years to come. No matter how they became Bucs, they will all strive over their careers to be the best. We don’t know what the future holds for the current Tampa Bay Buccaneers players, but we do know how past Bucs performed. So, we officially announce the Buc ‘Em Ring of Honor.

Each year (before the start of the new season), we will be inducting two former Tampa Bay Buccaneers into the Buc ‘Em Ring of Honor and you have a chance to choose who those individuals are are.

The criteria are simple: they must be a former Buccaneer (don’t worry, active players will get their chance one day) and they must be known primarily for what they did as a member of the team (players or staff are acceptable). The reasoning behind these rules is we don’t want to prematurely induct someone still playing just because they had a Pro Bowl year or two. This is really for the best of the best. And this isn’t about what the player or coach did in college or for other teams. It’s about what they brought to the pewter and red.

So here’s how it works. Starting today, you can nominate whoever you like. Please add your nominations in the form of a comment to this post. And don’t forget to say why you believe each individual should be selected. What you say could have an impact on whether that individual ends up making the Ring of Honor or not. If someone has already nominated someone you had in mind, then please add your thoughts as well. The more reasons you give us, the better.

You have until May 15th (next Friday) to make your nominations, so don’t delay!

Once we have compiled the nominations, we will post bios about each person nominated to give everyone a better look at their overall body of work. That will be followed by fan voting, where you get the chance to select one of the inductees to the Ring of Honor. Once that post is up, you will also be notified of the voting deadline. The individual that receives the highest percentage of the vote will be one of the two inductees and the second will be selected by the Buc ‘Em staff.

Before the season starts, we will have official inductions into the Buc ‘Em Ring of Honor and those individuals will become a part of history. So, what are you waiting for. Let the nominations begin!