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Buc 'Em TRIVIA  !

Introducing Buc 'Em Trivia, your chance to win something cool Buccaneer!

For our introductory Trivia, the winner will be the POST with the "Best " Answer. Not only give the answer, but explain your answer as best as you can so its understood.

The winner will recieve His or Her choice of any Bucs Game from the SuperBowl Championship 2002 Season on DVD. Thats the whole game..not a highlight clip show. 


Question: Which of these famous names spent any time on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Roster?


  1. Charles White
  2. Derrick Thomas
  3. Jeff George
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above
The winner MUST respond in THIS Comment section, and explain his or her answer. 
The Player could have been signed at the beginning of their career, during the height, or at the very end for trial basis. But the question is wether they were ever under contract and or played for the Bucs for any length of time.

Correct answer will not be given until Monday Morning or at least ten answers are given.
In the Event of a Tie first person with the correct answer wins. If No one wins, Prize will Build up to next Buc 'Em TRIVIA!

Game will be mailed upon receipt of address