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Meet the Tampa Bay Bucs revamped Four Horsemen

Remember that piece we did on the Four Horsemen (aka Kellen Winslow, Jerramy Stevens, John Gilmore, and Alex Smith)? Well they have since been dwindled to three. No fear, there is a new set of Four Horsemen in town:

From left to right: Cadillac Williams, Clifton Smith, Derrick Ward, Earnest Graham

Raheem Morris on the Four Horsemen:

"We are talking about the bash and bash with Earnest and D-Ward. You got the lightning with [Clifton Smith], and Cadillac. I like the Horsemen, whatever they want to call themselves." - Head Coach Raheem Morris per the Pewter Report
What a difference a year makes right? Last season we got banged up in the back field, so banged up in fact that Earnest was playing fullback at one point. This season we have two definite and potentially four starters in the backfield in Graham, Ward, Smith, and Williams. The Wildcard is Cadillac, can he bounce back? Raheem seems to think so:

"I'm riding with Cadillac. If Cadillac said training camp is when he will return then that is what I'm rolling with. Until he proves me wrong, and proves himself wrong, I'm going with Cadillac. I got my chips on Cadillac." - Head Coach Raheem Morris on Cadillac Williams per the Pewter Report

Caddy has yet to practice during OTA’s and is expected to skip them so he is 100% come Training Camp. It’s cool how it appears the entire fan base is behind this guy, essentially willing him back to the playing field. Hopefully he can stay on the field.

We have two bruisers in D-Ward and Earnest. A wildcard in Cadillac Williams, but the most intriguing piece to the puzzle for me is Clifton Smith. Clifton Smith, the man who Jags joked about walking under tables at One Buccaneer Place because he’s so short. Like Dunn, his versatility can really throw a defense for a loop. It will be interesting to see if he was able to add Warrick’s patented spin move to his arsenal. At this point it would be a shame not to have a QB who can get the ball in these guy’s hands.