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Make the Bucs-O-Meter OTA Edition: A look at roster spots

Training Camp is nearly upon us so here's where the players stand thus far:

Here's how this chart works: An means the athlete's stock is on the rise, though it doesn't necessarily mean they are particularly likely to make the club. A means they aren't doing so hot. Double Dashes "--" means the player is neutral; the player isn't on the rise or down fall. A means the player is starting barring injury or hail fire, a pair of means that perspective player got cut. A and that player is currently injured.

Potential Open Spots: Quarterback, Running back, Wide Receiver, Left Tackle, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Weak/Strong Side Linebacker, Strong Safety.

I'll post an updated list once a week or so, as circumstances encourage me to do so.

Player, Position Status Comment
Jeff Faine, C
Given one of the richest contracts for centers in the league just an off-season ago. Proved his worth last season.
Robert Bruggeman, C
Un-Drafted Free Agent out of Iowa. You would think he would make the team given our lack of depth at the center position.
Sean Mahan, C/G
Mahan is more of a Gruden player so he will really have to impress Mangurian to warrant a roster spot.
Elbert Mack, CB
Signed as an Un-Drafted Free Agent last off-season out of Troy. May vie for the starting nickelback position in Bates defense.
Aqib Talib, CB
Talib led the team (with Barber) in INT’s with four last season. He will certainly start opposite Ronde.
Ronde Barber, CB
A main stay on the Bucs Defense for Years, no doubt starter. Could lose time should he not handle the switch to man coverage.
Kyle Arrington, CB
Was on the Practice Squad last season. Probably will remain on it.
Torrie Cox, CB
He adds quality depth to the position for sure. He could get pushed out if Elbert and Biggers continue to develop.
Marshall McDuffie, CB
An undrafted free agent out of FIU. He will have to fight to make this team. Practice Squad?
E.J. Biggers, CB
Drafted in the 7th Round of the NFL Draft. Should be key on Special Teams. Already has a great name, hopefully his talent can back it!
DeAngelo Willingham, CB
Un-Drafted Free Agent out of Tennessee. Highly unlikely to make the squad.
Evan McCollough, CB
Un-Drafted Free Agent out of James Madison. He too is highly unlikely to make the squad.
Louis Holmes, DE
Undrafted Free Agent out of Arizona. Practice Squader?
Jimmy Wilkerson, DE
There’s a buzz around Wilkerson based on his play from last season and he may shock us by starting opposite Gaines Adams.
Jarriett Buie, DE
Un-Drafted Free Agent out of USF. May or may not make the squad.
Gaines Adams, DE
I wouldn’t say this is a make or break season for Gaines just yet as he has moderately produced. We are all expecting a nice jump in his production heading into his third season though.
Kyle Moore, DE
Taken in the 4th Round of the NFL Draft. He will compete to become the starter, but will certainly see time in the rotation.
Greg Peterson, DE
5th Round Pick entering his third season and has yet to contribute. The writing is on the wall.
Stylez Greg White, DE
He's got a tough season ahead of him with all the depth surrounding him. Coming off a disappointing season he will have to prove himself more so than ever this year.
Chris Bradwell, DT
Un-Drafted Free Agent last off-season out of Troy. Said to have a strong motor, could provide depth.
Dre' Moore, DT
4th Round Draft Pick last season. Unlike Gaines Adams he has to show marked improvement this season. With Bates on board Moore has been given a mulligan.
Chris Hovan, DT
Despite having a productive year, he should see fewer reps due to his lack of size. Bates system doesn’t bode well for Hovan.
Roy Miller, DT
Third Round Draft Pick this year. He has the size and work ethic to start right out of the gates. He is my dark horse to start.
Jovan Haye, DT
Look for Haye to improve upon last year’s successful campaign.
Ryan Sims, DT
In his third season with the Bucs it appears he may become the starter he was picked to be out of college years ago..
Rashaad Duncan, DT
Un-Drafted Free Agent out of Pittsburgh, good luck!
B.J. Askew, FB
Only FB on the roster with talent and experience. Barring injuries he is the starter.
Byron Storer, FB
Aggravated his torn ACL ligament (from last season) in the first week of OTA’s. He may or may not contribute this season.
Jameel Cook, FB
Signed with the Bucs last season when Storer went down. Could provide adequate depth.
Jeremy Zuttah, G/T
You get the sense he could start, but every position along the line is filled. Provides great depth.
Maurice Miller, G
Un-Drafted Free Agent out of Ole Miss. Could provide depth.
Davin Joseph, G
Concrete Starter on the Right Side of the line. Increased stamina/focus would help..
Arron Sears, G
Was very good last season. Should show marked improvement in his second season.
Matt Bryant, K
For the first time since joining the Bucs in ’05 Bryant is not considered a lock to be the team’s primary kicker. He should rise to the challenge.
Mike Nugent, K
Was a 2nd Round pick of the Jets in ’05. Will compete with Bryant for the starting job.
Niko Koutouvides, LB
Signed this off-season, previously played for the Broncos. Special Teamer?
Jamall Johnson, LB
Signed this off-season, could provide depth. Probably not though.
Angelo Crowell, LB
Former starter for the Bills. Coming off a serious knee injury. At this point he is considered the starter opposite Jermaine Phillips.
Rod Wilson, LB
Nice Player, Signed by the Bucs in December…
Barrett Ruud, LB
Proved he's the real deal the past two seasons by leading the team in tackles, despite fading toward the end of each season.
Quincy Black, LB
Will provide the primary competition to Angelo Crowell for Cato June’s old job. Don’t be surprised if he is the starter week one.
Matt McCoy, LB
Bucs added McCoy last March. Look to add depth.
Adam Hayward, LB
Like Greg Peterson, needs to stay on the field and prove his worth.
Geno Hayes, LB
Proved last season he can contribute (blocked punt for td). An injury shortened his season. Will push Jermaine Phillips to start, but unlikely to succeed in that quest.
Jermaine Phillips, LB
Unless he falters mightily he will be the starter. Time will tell whether this was the correct decision for Flips career.
Andrew Economos, LS
Signed a 5 year deal ($800k a year) last season. I graduated with a degree in Economics so I'm biased here and he's the only long snapper on the team. We all should have become long snappers. Son of a …
Josh Bidwell, P
He watched Matt Bryant receive competition this off-season, he could be next. As it is he is the team’s punter for this season.
Byron Leftwich, QB
He will compete with McCown to become the team’s starter. He’s got a good shot ahead of him.
Luke McCown, QB
This is Luke’s FINAL chance to become the starter he wants to be. He only has himself to blame if he doesn’t hold the title come the regular season.
Josh Freeman, QB
Do you think he will consult Josh Johnson on where to purchase the perfect clipboard? If he is the starter, Leftwich/McCown imploded (or caught the swine flu).
Josh Johnson, QB
With the addition of TWO QB’s this off-season I wouldn’t be shocked to see JJ let go at some point this off-season despite Doug Williams infatuation for him.
Brian Griese, QB
He hasn’t attended a single OTA thus far, he will be cut or traded. Good luck Brian!
Earnest Graham, RB
I expect he and Ward to receive equal reps throughout the season. One may leap the other though.
Derrick Ward, RB
It’s on Jags to keep Graham and Ward both locked into the game. Good luck with that.
Josh Vaughan, RB
Un-Drafted Free Agent from Richmond. The numbers aren’t in his favor. Practice Squad?
Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, RB
This is essentially it for Caddy and his NFL Career. If he gets injured again I envision him calling his career quits. Hopefully Carnell proves healthy and makes Jags job even tougher to spread the reps. This is a contract year however. Good luck Caddy!
Kareem Huggins, RB
Signed May 6th with the Bucs out of Hofstra. Good luck buddy.
Clifton Smith, RB
Has Jags in his corner, expect him to see increased reps on offense this season, potentially in the passing game (think screens, dump passes, etc).
Sabby Piscitelli, S
Apparently Jermaine Phillips old position is Sabby’s to lose. He was out of positions from time to time last season, but I have complete confidence in his ability to produce Flip-like numbers.
C.J. Byrd, S
Un-Drafted Free Agent out of Georgia. Practice Squad?
Tanard Jackson, S
Gets better and better as he gains more experience. Should make a name for himself in the NFL this season.
Donte Nicholson, S
Five-year safety prospect with good size who provides depth to Buccaneers secondary. Recently Re-Signed.
Will Allen, S
A good back-up, basically the only threat to unseat Sabby from his perch. Highly unlikely though.
Xavier Fulton, T
5th Round Draft Pick, should provide ample depth, could potentially replace Trueblood or Penn.
Marc Dile, T
Un-Drafted Free Agent from USF. He’ll struggle to make the team.
James Lee, T
He was signed back in September for depth purposes.
Donald Penn, T
Despite wanting a long term deal, Penn will remain this team’s left tackle. He needs to continue to make strides in his play to warrant a long term deal.
Demar Dotson, T
Un-Drafted Free Agent from Southern Miss. He’ll have to battle.
Anthony Alibi, T
Signed in January. Practice Squader?
Jeremy Trueblood, T
Despite solid play he needs to clean up his game a bit. The personal fouls are a bit excessive. As are the false starts.
Julius Wilson, T
2008 Practice Squad player, will probably do another turn this season.
Kellen Winslow, TE
The Saints have Shockey, the Falcons have Gonzalez, and the Bucs have Winslow, hopefully he produces like he has in the past.
John Gilmore, TE
Signed last off-season. Big on blocking, the only blocking TE we have.
Daniel Fells, TE
Signed futures contract in February. Has no future with team though. Just by sheer numbers depth chart wise
Jerramy Stevens, TE
Re-Signed this off-season to the chagrin of the masses (Which still shocks me as there wasn’t even half the fuss when he initially signed two years ago). He’ll remain on the team despite the outrage.
Ryan Purvis, TE
Un-Drafted Free Agent from Boston College. If there was any fringe player on the team that has an EXCELLENT chance of making the team it’s Purvis due to his past relationship with Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski.
Jason Pociask, TE
Practice Squad player, no shot at making the team.
Maurice Stovall, WR
Like Paris Warren if he doesn’t prove he can stay healthy he’ll never be able to showcase his talents.
Amarri Jackson, WR
This is Amarri’s second chance at becoming a Pro, I would like to think he was given another shot for a reason.
Dexter Jackson, WR
It’s only his second season, but the pressure is mounting. Can he contribute this season?
Sammie Stroughter, WR
7th Round Pick, has shined thus far in OTA’s. May make the squad.
Joel Filani, WR
The Bucs signed Filani May 13th, he was drafted by the Titans and released by the Rams. He played college ball at Texas Tech.
Kelly Campbell, WR
One of Mark Dominik’s first signings as a GM. He’s played well in the CFL, it will be interesting to see what he brings to the table.
Patrick Carter, WR
Un-Drafted Free Agent from a year ago… eh
Cortez Hankton, WR
Futures contract last season, lightning in a bottle? nah ....
Antonio Bryant, WR
Bryant said last year was for the haters and that this year is for the doubters. I don’t know what that means, but I can’t wait to see him in year two. Ha!
Michael Clayton, WR
Last season was make or break and apparently he made it by banking a 5 year $26 million dollar deal. Hopefully Raheem can inspire him to hold on to the ball and make plays.
Brian Clark, WR
It feels like Clark has been with the team forever. I don’t know that the organization feels this way, but he’s either got to compete or get off the pot. Make or Break season here.

-- = Chance of making the team is even.
= Chance of making the team is going down.
= Chance of making the team is going up.
= Player has been cut.
= Player is injured.
= Player is a starter.

Martin Gandy put up a "Making the Team Meter" over at Talking Chop, as did my boy Eric over at Amazin Avenue and I liked it so much I decided to borrow it in true SB Nation fashion. Thanks fellas

Feel FREE to absolutely RIP me a "New One" over the opinions I have cast. I'm a fan just as much as you are, I could certainly be reading too much into certain bias' I have OR it could just be that I'm right and you're CRAZY. Tell me what you think ....... GO BUCS!!!!