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"Chip Carter's Tailgate Sunday" it AINT!

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I came across this gem the other day, and thought.."WOW what a different world we live in today"! We get to wake up, watch NFL pregame shows starting at 10 am, and get a full half hour to hear about the Bucs and only the Bucs on Channel 13 Fox's Buccaneer pregame show with Chip Carter.

Now for us Buc fans, you know thats important, because our team is usually never important enough to make a piece on the Fox Sports 1 hour pregame show!

And were a pretty OK franchise...I mean if you look back, weve gone to the playoffs 6 out of the last 10 years. Back in the 80s, you could go a whole season and not hear the Bucs mentioned more than 3 times, and that was on a HALF HOUR NFL pregame show, the NFL Today on CBS. As you probably know, CBS was the station you watched the Bucs on back then, before FOX outbid them for the rights to NFC football which cause a whole snowball chain of events that led Channels and stations to swap all over the place!

This clip, all 45 seconds of it, was all we had to go by for previewing the Bucs game of the day. And considering this game was the 9th week of a STILL winless 1983 campaign, it didn't get much better for some time!

Andy Hardy's Buc Report from Niko H on Vimeo.