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Who Was the Better Corner.... Barber or Kelly?

2005_starter_barber_1024_medium 2005_starter_kelly_1024_medium

They were side by side for many years, although Kelly had to wait through Donnie Abraham where as Ronde did not really have competition on his side and took over in his second year when Anthony Parker went down in 1998.

The common feeling is Barber is the better corner, but is that fact? Or is it just perception?

If you see someone in the middle of cutting his lawn stop and open a cooler and pop open a Bud, you think "guys enjoying a cool one on a hot summer day". If he instead pulls out a Coke and puts in some Jack Daniels, your thinking "wow this guys got a problem, he is an alcoholic"! Its all in perception.

How do we remember Ronde Barber? Running down the Vet sideline propelling us into the superbowl? 

How do we remember Brian Kelly? outstreached arms with the ball just going over into Ricky Proell's arms? Is that fair? He had the coverage on him, the safety help was a bit slow getting there.

Some would say Kelly was a better shut down corner, but Barber was the better Tampa Two corner and was made for that system.

So tell us what you think...Was it Ronde? or Brian?

Who was the best Corner between the two, or even in the history of the Bucs all together?!?