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NFL Films LowLight from 76, err, 78!


Youve seen it a few times at least. Late night NFL Films, talking about the futile 1976 Buccaneers. The only winless team ever until last year when the Lions did worse!

Yet whenever you see a film clip of the 76 Bucs, you always see this video, of the Bucs kicker wiffing on the ball trying to kick it out of bounds then falling down. It really was typical of Buc Ball in '76, only problem was, it wasnt done in 76! 

This clip is from Game 3 of 1978, the Bucs first win of the year, and first sign of respectability for the Orange Clad Bucs. This game we knocked off the Vikings who won 9 of the last 10 Division Championships.

So just a little interesting trivia when you see this clip the next time on late night NFL Films, and they talk about how bad the 76 Bucs were, and you see Neil O'Donoghue who wasnt on the team in 76, and the first game the Bucs won in 78 on their way to a respectable season for the first time ever!