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DING DONG The Bandwagoners are DEAD.


You saw the slogans; "Its A New Day In Tampa Bay"! You you got your ticket at the ticket Booth on Sunday Morning walking into the Old Sombrero to watch new Quarterback Trent Dilfer take on the Bears.

But then next year a funny thing happened...You couldn't get a ticket! The Days of waking up Sunday morning and calling your buddy and asking "Hey want to go to the game?" were over! Now instead of New Day In Tampa Bay, its "Join the 100,000 season ticket waiting list" ; if your ready to fork down about 1500 dollars for each ticket.

So you fill your Sundays instead with planned Buc Partys, Cookouts, and other get togethers, as you watch a packed Raymond James on TV everyweek. All the time hoping you get that promotion so one day you too can put your name on the list (and actually be able to pay for two tickets).

Well that's all over. Blame Steve Duemig if you want, or Ian Beckles and Ron Diaz. Blame Jon Gruden, or Monte Kiffin for leaving. Or maybe its a little bit of all of the above, but the chances are good you may hear a word this season that hasn't been uttered since the days of Houlihan's or Craig Erickson.



NFL rules state a stadium must be sold out 72 hours prior to game day or the game cannot be televised on local TV stations.  If your like me, you spent many a days tuned in to  WDAE, 620, 1250, listening to Gene Deckerhoff or if you've been around long enough, Mark Champion. You listened to so many games that they became the voice of the franchise, a voice you could recognize anywhere. Well we may have to spend a few games listening to good Ole Gene this year, because the 100,000 person waiting list has dwindled down to Nuthing. Nada. Zilch. 

Or, you can dig out your old friends phone number and give him that call on Sunday Morning at 9:30! Because tickets will be able to be had, and probably very cheap! The Bucs have announced that lower level season tickets are available, and you can now get upper level season tickets without a single DOLLAR of security Deposit or seat license. Its nothing new really, as the last couple of years Ive found a good ticket to most games pretty easy, even taking my NY Giants Buddy to see his beloved team during the Playoffs in 2007. 

But then there is the bad side to all of it. Because when there are a lot of tickets available, then you have.....Thats Right....


..and Bear fans too. Of course we're not in the NFC Central anymore, but Green Bay does show up at the Ray Jay this year, as do the Dallas Cowboys; Two of the better traveling NFL teams. If anyone remembers, it was a sea of Green in the early to mid 90s when Brett Favre took over his new team. Wasnt much Better when the Bears came to town, as you heard the cheers of half the stadium in the mid to late 80's as the Bears fans celebrated their teams many division championships... in our own stadium.

Of course how long it lasts is really up to the new names in town. Raheem, Freeman, Graham, all have a say in how long we have until a new breed of fans come to like our team as theirs, and fill up those waiting lists once again. Then we can fire up the BBQs and enjoy the Pewter Pirates winning once again on the Television. And the ones who get out there this weekend to pick their seat will probably end up with a much better deal than the ones who got caught up in the "New Day In Tampa Bay"!