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Should the Bucs look ahead to next off-seasons Free Agent QB Class?

Posted on behalf of the man with the red and pewter plan, JScott.

To some of your chagrin’s the Buccaneers are set to work out Kansas State QB Josh Freeman next week, April 14-15, Tuesday and Wednesday. If for some reason the Bucs decide not to bring in a fourth QB and Luke McCown or Josh Johnson struggle next season, there is always next off-seasons Free Agent QB Class (or is there?):

  • Jason Campbell Washington Redskins - Was dangled in the potential Jay Cutler sweepstakes. I wouldn’t be filled with excitement if we in fact brought him in. He was serviceable in College and hasn’t done much in his NFL Career. Meh…
  • Kellen Clemens New York Jets - He is expected to battle QB Brett Ratliff this off-season for starting duties in New York. His performance this season will dictate whether he hits the market or gets re-signed. Obviously if he hits the market he probably wasn’t too successful, in which case: Pass…
  • Eli Manning New York Giants - Let’s be honest with ourselves, Eli Manning will not become a Free Agent. His contract will either be extended or he will be franchise tagged. Regardless of the naysayers, he won a Super Bowl in New York. We have no shot at him unless the Giants pull a McDaniels on him.
  • Kyle Orton Denver Broncos - Take Kellen Clemens scenario and apply it to Kyle Orton. He’ll battle Chris Simms (queue the laughter) for the starting nod and even then he’s married to McDaniels and the Broncos, no way they let him go.
  • Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers - Take Eli’s scenario (minus the Super Bowl Victory) and apply it to Rivers. This isn’t to say Rivers/Manning aren’t attainable, as the Broncos proved this off-season Franchise QB’s can be had, but it’s HIGHLY unlikely and so forget it. Like now!
  • What Bucs fans can get keep tabs on for next off-season in the event that McCown or Johnson fail is the College Football season. Texas QB Colt McCoy, Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford, and Florida QB Tim Tebow will all be available via the NFL Draft. Bradford and McCoy would have been Top 10 Quarterbacks this off-season had they declared for the Draft. Tebow’s projected draft slot is up in the air as Draft Experts (ugh) think he needs to change positions in the NFL. If Doug Flutie can make it as an NFL QB with his heart and passion, there will be nothing stopping Tim Tebow. This is something to keep tabs on, as a lot can happen between now and then…