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Cannon Shots: Mike Vick a Buccaneer? Cutler almost a Buccaneer? Contract Extensions?

  • Peter King of Sports Illustrated thinks there are two teams that will contemplate signing QB Mike Vick when he officially gets released by the Atlanta Falcons, those teams are the Oakland Raiders and your Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He reasons that GM Mark Dominik would not be afraid to bring in Vick, though the Bucs would be a long shot.
  • I’m telling you right now if the Glazers were to allow Dominik to bring in Mike Vick I would be done. I would leave Buc ‘Em to Craig T, The Bull Gator, and all of you. I couldn’t support this organization anymore. I’m all about giving people second chances, just not people like Vick. He’s a murderer plain and simple. This is a moot point however as Mark has already said he is not interested in Vick.

  • Final Cutler remnants, From Sports Illustrated’s Peter King:
  • "Laugh if you want, but it's the absolute truth. McDaniels looked hard at tape of the available quarterbacks from teams that made serious offers, players like Orton, Washington's Jason Campbell and Tampa Bay's Luke McCown. Every one of those teams was in the ballpark with an offer of at least two first-round draft picks and a quarterback." - Sports Illustrated's Peter King

    For those that wondered, the Bucs were willing to give up McCown and two No. 1 NFL Draft Picks for QB Jay Cutler. I wouldn’t take that to mean they don’t value Luke, they just valued Cutler more. That doesn’t make the end result any better. It’s been a tough off-season to this point considering we whiffed on Haynesworth, Vilma, and Cutler. That conjures up a bunch of what ifs. Hey at least we re-signed Michael Clayton and acquired Kellen Winslow. I kid because I care.

  • Just a thought, but if we are in the process of extending players (Clayton, Winslow), we might want to extend a player that has actually produced for the Bucs: LB Barrett Ruud. He's in a contract year and has led the team in tackles the past two seasons. If you're going to extend someone, it should be Ruud, as in yesterday... Just sayin'