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Part I: WR Michael Clayton dropping balls, is it sensationalism?

I was so disgusted with this player being re-signed this off-season that I promised I would never mention him again until the season started. Well I’m breaking that silence today. With WR Michael Clayton being brought back for five more years for as much as $26 million dollars I began to question myself and whether I had dreamt of all of his past dropped passes or whether they had truly taken place. The problem is I vividly remember the drops, but maybe I just sensationalized them as he was handsomely rewarded this off-season for some sort of production over the past five years. Then I look at his career stats and wonder where that production is, eight touchdowns for a receiver in five years is laughable.

Luckily for me, Niko521Bucs, Buc ‘Ems newest Tech Savvy contributor has provided us with a video of Michael Clayton’s dropped passes over the years: THE POWERS THAT BE AT YOU TUBE HAVE YANKED THE VIDEO, BUT LIKE DJAX THIS UPCOMING SEASON WE HAVE PERSEVERED, ENJOY THE VIDEO. THANKS NIKO!

I have to be honest, that video doesn’t do much to dispel the opinion I have of Michael Clayton as a receiver. I don’t know if it’s a lack of concentration, ability, or if he couldn’t handle Gruden’s criticisms, but he never lived up to the hype following his incredible rookie season. To his credit, he’s had to play with a different signal caller every year he’s been here. I understand what Clayton brings to the field in toughness and a willingness to block down field to help spring his fellow receivers and runningbacks, I just can’t stomach that being all he’s being paid for. He’s a receiver first and receivers catch the ball…

If you think I’m being tough on Clayton and a bit too pessimistic by focusing on his drops you will want to catch (pun intended) the second part of this post later in the week. The video that accompanies it is, well, you’ll just have to see…