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One more Josh Freeman Story

I know we’re all about burned out on the Josh Freeman Stories about now, but there’s one more yet to be heard. I’ll provide a snippet below and you can find the rest of Brett’s take at Bring on the Cats, our K-State Blog. Here’s the snippet:

"Regardless of the records and the hype, the potential and the promise, and the unbelievable examples of professional-level athleticism, Josh Freeman was never able to capture the hearts of Kansas State fans. Even though his 680 completions, 8,078 yards, and 44 touchdowns eclipse the career statistics of every other quarterback that's donned the purple and white, the only number that matters to Wildcat fans is this: Fourteen. During his two and a half seasons as a starter, Freeman was only able to lead the Wildcats to a 14-18 record, and even more damning, he was 0-9 against Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri (which to some Kansas State fans is the ultimate measure of your worth). No bowl wins, no rivalry victories, no all-conference honors, and no Governor's Cup serve as a giant asterisk on an otherwise exceptional career. To be honest, the question to ask is, truthfully, how much of that was Freeman's fault? " - Quote via Brett from Bring on the Cats

Doesn’t the fan base seem a little bitter? I’m not trying to sound holier than thou but we are talking about Kansas State here. To amass the stats he did despite the nucleus around him is fairly impressive. You can’t hold the win column against Freeman’s legacy. First of all this is a team sport, second of all a defense that gives up 35 points a game would make it difficult for any Quarterback, err Offense, to fill up the win column. An offense orchestrated by future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning would struggle to get wins. If anybody knows this it’s Florida State Fans. We had two players who put up stats for us yet the team still suffered win-loss wise. Those players were Anquan Boldin and Leon Washington. Neither were coached up properly, like Freeman, and both went on to have successful NFL careers.