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Head Coach Raheem Morris to focus on NFL Draft with Camp behind him

The Buccaneers first voluntary three day mini-camp of the off-season is officially behind them. Next up is the NFL Draft, the Rookie OTA’s, voluntary team OTA’s in May, and then another three day mini-camp in June that is mandatory. After that Training Camp is next. Raheem on the early progress:

"You have to say pretty good. Anytime you come out here and execute that many plays three days in a row you got to feel good about it. There were very few mistakes. There are always going to be mistakes. That is a part of growing as a team. For the most part you come out here and execute as many plays as we did you feel good about it. Right now that was a preview of the guys that we have on our team. Hopefully one of these days we get to an anything goes period and then play some football, and some situational football and be pretty good." - Head Coach Raheem Morris per the Pewter Report

With camp behind him, Raheem is officially in NFL Draft preparation mode:

"We have some obvious needs, we need some defensive tackles. We addressed a lot our needs during the offseason in terms of offense, and we feel good about those positions. We want to add defensive line, cornerbacks and some players to those positions. But you’ve got to get the best player at the time, man. It will be a collective decision. Mark and I will never disagree on anything. After it’s said and done it’s over. It’s never going to get to the Glazers. If it gets to those guys there’s an issue." - Head Coach Raheem Morris on the upcoming NFL Draft per the Pewter Report

Did you hear that UNFNOLE? Cornerback? As in potentially Alphonso Smith with the 19th Pick in the Draft… ha! I have no clue where the Bucs will go in the Draft this year. They can go so many routes depending upon who falls to them. Whether that be QB Mark Sanchez, LB Brian Cushing, DT Peria Jerry, WR Percy Harvin, or QB Josh Freeman, the possibilities are endless. They could even trade up or trade down given their needs. It appears they are content on offense though, so you Percy Harvin dreamers might want to start swallowing the reality that he’ll be passed up by the Bucs.