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Mini-Camp comes to an end, Morris discusses fight and progress

Wednesday’s Final Mini-Camp Practice got a little heated. One of the Four Horsemen, TE John Gilmore, got in a fight with a back-up Defensive Lineman (why we don’t have the player’s name is beyond me). Here’s Head Coach Raheem Morris on the fight:

"We had a lot of energy. Anytime you invite the media to the practice you get a fight. It is always fun to get some extra juices [flowing]. You guys (the media) become the crowd. You become the fans. Nobody wants to look bad on TV. I always tell them however [the way] you finish at the end of this practice is what they are going to write about until training camp, so nobody wants to look bad. The fight was perfect timing. It was the last play of a period. It happened real quick. Everybody got up and practice went on. We moved on. We didn’t encourage it and we don’t want it obviously, but it happens. These guys are highly-tempered dudes. They want to win in front of the cameras." - Head Coach Raheem Morris per the Pewter Report

How do you pick a fight with one of the four horsemen? He’s lucky Gilmore didn’t sic his posse on him… This could be a bad omen for the un-named defensive lineman. Remember last season when 7th Round Draft Pick, RB Cory Boyd, got in a fight with 1st Round Draft Pick CB Aqib Talib at the NFL’s Rookie symposium? Who’s still on the roster? Just saying, ha!

For those of you worried about the players that didn’t show up (or partially participated) to this week’s three day mini-camp, Raheem puts your worries to rest:

"A lot of them had previous engagements for the most part, I’ve talked to everybody. I’ve excused everybody that needed to be. You don’t really have to excuse them but they just come to me as a general courtesy to be honest with you. We had a great turnout. A lot of the guys came. I’ve seen most of them, most of them have been here working hard, we had live enthusiastic practices and that is what you want." - Head Coach Raheem Morris per the Pewter Report

In case you forgot here is the laundry list of those who did not attend or partially participated: CB Ronde Barber (partially), TE Kellen Winslow (partially), DE Stylez G. White (partially), LT Donald Penn (never attended), C Jeff Faine (partially), RB Cadillac Williams (partially), CB Torrie Cox (partially), and LB Angelo Crowell (partially).