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Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski sheds more light on his system

We can talk up the defense all we want, but the question on everyone’s mind is how will the offense look this season. Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski lets us in on what we could expect:

"It has to start with the run game, if you can't run the football in this league, you are going to have a hard time; because off the run, if you get that established everything else will fall into place for you. In our game plan, we won't have more than 10 runs; there will be variations of what we do as far as the zone scheme. The thing that we're trying to do right now is teach them the concepts and getting into the fit and the backs seeing it the right way. I thought Derrick [Ward] did a really good job yesterday on it. With Clifton [Smith], you can't find him. He can hide behind those guys and pop out of there. I'm pleased right now. From the first practice to the third practice we've had today. We've made improvement at all positions." - Coach Jags on the offensive gameplan per the Pewter Report

I’m intrigued to see what sort of role Clifton Smith has in the offense, Dexter Jackson as well. They both looked good in camp and you would have to think a year under their belts have really helped them get comfortable in their respective situations. It sounds like we’re heading back to the Tony Dungy days offensively. That initially makes my stomach cringe, but you have to remember that Jags offense produced a Matt Ryan, so obviously the pass is a critical part of his offense. I can’t wait to see it come the Pre-Season…

New RB Derrick Ward comments on Jags offense:

"This offense will be explosive, we'll run the ball, we'll pass it down field. We're going to put up some big numbers. Touchdowns all day, nothing but touchdowns. You have to talk big like that. That's something I learned in New York. You don't back down from anybody. You just do what you do. We know we have a great offensive team and know what we can do." Derrick Ward on Jags offense per the Pewter Report

Touchdowns? Fire those Cannons… I like his confidence, at this point I’d rather see it backed up on the field than hear about it, but its April so that’s all they can do at this point. If there is one player on the offensive line that the new blocking scheme may not fir is Davin Joseph. He thrived in the drive-blocking scheme in years past. You wouldn’t confuse him for an athletic lineman, he is all beef. Joseph on the change of scheme:

"We should really do well in this offense, it highlights a lot of our players. We have some very versatile backs, and we are going from a drive-blocking scheme to a stretch outside zone-blocking scheme. Really the guys are doing well adapting and learning. We have some excellent coaches on this staff. It is exciting." Davin Joseph on the new blocking scheme per the Pewter Report

Buc ‘Em contributor Kmac once said the game is won somewhere in the trenches. We can talk about the Quarterback situation and the Linebacker situation until we are blue in the face, but the offensive and defensive line, especially in Bates/Jagodzinski’s system, will determine how far this football team will go. At this point the learning curve appears to be fairly steep. Hopefully these guys can get acclimated enough come the regular season. We are certainly in for our fair share of mistakes. Hopefully those mistakes don’t come at crucial points in the season.

Odds and Ends from Jags:

  • Jags has had his kickers and punter throwing and receiving passes. In years past the kicking unit was on a separate field doing their thing. I think this means only one thing: Trickery… It could also mean he just wants the kickers to feel more like part of the team, but I also think he is seeing who might be able to execute a trick play if the situation were to present itself in the regular season.
  • Jags thought Donald Penn might be shocked by the scheme he’ll have to conquer once he makes it into camp. As for his absence, Jags said he can’t worry about the guys that aren’t here, he has to coach the ones that are. If I’m Jeremy Zuttah I’m begging to try out at Left Tackle, with his athleticism he could certainly take over the position.
  • Jags will determine the starting QB based on who’s making positive yardage, making the right decisions, and can translate their understanding of the offense to the field. Basically who can execute better. The guys may know the offense in and out, but can’t get in the flow once the action begins, that guy will be holding a clipboard once the season starts.
  • Communication, Communication, Communication: "Communication between coach and player has got to be there. We're going to ask them to do it and do it the right way, but if there is no communication there is no trust. There cannot be. I don't care what kind of relationship you are in. If there is no communication, there cannot be any trust. That works hand in hand." - Jags on communication
  • That should truly be the quote of the off-season…