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2009 Buc 'Em NFL Mock Draft Challenge Winner

Um Maxumas you may want to stop reading this post immediately as depression will ensue... What a long yet short weekend. Earlier in the Off-Season we had you complete your own Mock Drafts leading up to the NFL Draft. We got a putrid, uh, decent turnout. Several of you guessed five of the picks correctly. There was only "1" participant who guessed seven picks correctly though...


Entrekpk correctly guessed the following picks: Mark Sanchez to the Jets, Andre Smith to the Bengals, B.J. Raji to the Packers, Aaron Maybin to the Bills, Malcolm Jenkins to the Saints, Percy Harvin to the Vikings, and Peria Jerry to the Falcons. Maxumas eat your heart out!

For his efforts entrekpk will receive Bucs Gear from Buc 'Em Sponsor:

Congratulations entrekpk!!!! Our 2009 Buc 'Em NFL Mock Draft Champion!!!