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Undrafted Free Agents the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should look into:

The 2009 NFL Draft is officially over... Time to suggest Un-drafted Free Agents to Head Coach Raheem Morris and General Manager Mark Dominik:

  • Running backs: Ben Williams South Florida, Jeremiah Johnson Oregon
  • We don't necessarily need another Running back, but in the event that you grab one anyway, much like Clifton Smith from last season, you could do alot worse than one of the two guys above.

  • Wide Receivers: Taurus Johnson South Florida, Quan Cosby Texas, Greg Carr FSU
  • I'm having to wipe away the tears as I type this, damn you ESPN for embarrassing Quan on National Television. Bill Cosby? Are you serious? Anyway Quan would be nice a nice addition considering he actually catches the ball and at this point has not gained official journeyman status. As for Greg Carr, Raheem you know how you just want to score touchdowns? Well that's all Greg did in college before his QB's absolutely imploded. Red Zone Touchdowns = Greg Carr... Taurus is a local request for obvious reasons...

  • Offensive linemen: OG Ryan Schmidt South Florida, OG Jim Tartt
  • I went to high school with Tartt so I would appreciate you giving him a look. We don't necessarily need another guard with Sears, Joseph, and Zuttah, but give him a call anyway he's a hog molly.

  • Defensive linemen: DT Chris Baker Hampton
  • We could always use more help along the defensive line. At 6'3 326 pounds he is massive. Definitely worth a look.

  • Linebackers: OLB Maurice Crum Jr. Notre Dame, OLB Ashlee Palmer Ole Miss, Dannel Ellerbe Georgia, MLB Derek Nicholson FSU
  • Seeing how you didnt address this position at all in the recently concluded draft, why not take a look at these fellas. I had a class with Derek in college and i can vouch for his character. He is nothing like his brother A.J.

  • Cornerback: Tony Carter FSU
  • Carter was the best CB we had for a good three year span at FSU, don't laugh, despite his size he can be very productive. He has a knack for making splash plays as well. Plus he's active in the community.

  • Safety: SS Marshall McDuffie Florida Atlantic
  • Yet another position you neglected to address in the Draft. With Tanard and Sabby sitting out there on an island you may want to bring in one or two of these guys. I realize we have Will Allen and Donte Nicholson. Just sayin, you might want to give these guys a call!

    Anyone else have suggestions?