Seattle Seahawks Lift Franchise Tag Off of Leroy Hill


After addressing defense with their first pick by nabbing outstanding OLB Aaron Curry, the Seattle Seahawks have removed the franchise tag on OLB Leroy Hill, making him an unrestricted free agent free to negotiate with any team. I know we seem to talk ad nauseum about so-and-so signing with the Bucs when someone hits the market and it never happens, but this guy is a proven player, and a player the Bucs could plug in and start. If I'm Mark Dominik, and I've just soiled my pants in the first round passed up an opportunity to address the defense in the first round by trading down or drafting an impact player, I get on the phone now and call his agent. My goodness gracious, you've got the cap room.... just get it done. If you sign him, suddenly your draft looks a heckuva lot better. You'd have the impact defender you'd hope to have gotten in the first round, your alleged franchise QB, and a DT that'll add depth to a suspect line.