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Buc 'Em NFL Draft Live Blog Party Continued.... Day Two

With six picks in today’s Day Two of the NFL Draft you might want to stick around despite yesterday’s depressing draft results (to some anyway). The list of talent still available should have you excited for today’s events that kick off at 10 am EST time…

  • Running backs: Ben Williams South Florida, Jeremiah Johnson Oregon, Shonn Greene Iowa, Javon Ringer Michigan State, Rashad Jennings Liberty
  • Wide Receivers: Louis Murphy Florida, Taurus Johnson South Florida, Ramses Barden Cal Poly, Mike Wallace Ole Miss, Quan Cosby Texas, Derrick Williams Penn State, Juaquin Iglesias Oklahoma, Greg Carr FSU, Jordan Shipley Ohio State
  • Offensive linemen: OG Ryan Schmidt South Florida, OG Duke Robinson Oklahoma, OC Jonathan Luigs Arkansas, OG Jim Tartt
  • Defensive linemen: DE Michael Johnson Georgia Tech, DT Chris Baker Hampton, DT Terrance Knighton Temple, DE Kyle Moore USC, DE Jarron Gilbert San Jose St., DT Roy Miller Texas
  • Linebackers: OLB Jason Williams Western Illinois, OLB Maurice Crum Jr. Notre Dame, OLB Ashlee Palmer Ole Miss, Gerald McRath Southern Miss, Dannel Ellerbe Georgia, MLB Derek Nicholson FSU
  • Cornerback: Joe Burnett Central Florida, D.J. Moore Vanderbilt, Victor ‘Macho’ Harris Virginia Tech, Mike Mickens Cincinnati, Asher Allen Georgia, Tony Carter FSU
  • Safety: SS Marshall McDuffie Florida Atlantic, Michael Hamlin Clemson, Chip Vaughn Wake Forest
  • I know we don’t need a RB, but boy would Shonn Greene be a great asset to have. I also know Jarron Gilbert doesn’t play the position like Jim Bates wants, but he would be a great motor to add to the line. Obviously I would be pretty ecstatic with a Quan Cosby or Greg Carr selection. The biggest name left on the board is Michael Johnson, many thought he was a first day pick and he has slid like a landslide into the third round. I doubt he falls the necessary 16 picks to fall to the Bucs. Macho Harris would be a nice pick up at Cornerback to help push Elbert Mack. There’s a lot of talent left in the second round it’s just a matter of whether they hang around for the Bucs picks…

    Consider this the open thread for Today’s Day 2 of the NFL Draft! Comment away…

  • 65 Jets (from Lions) - RB Shonn Greene Iowa
  • 66 Rams - CB Bradley Fletcher Iowa
  • 67 Chiefs - DT Alex Magee Purdue
  • 68 Bears (From Seahawks) - DE Jarron Gilbert San Jose St.
  • 69 Cowboys (From Browns) - LB Jason Williams Western Illinois
  • 70 Bengals - DE Michael Johnson Georgia Tech
  • 71 Raiders - DE Matt Shaughnessy Wisconsin
  • 72 Jaguars - DT Terrance Knighton Temple
  • 73 Jaguars (From Packers through Patriots) - CB Derek Cox William & Mary
  • 74 49ers - RB Glen Coffee Alabama
  • 75 Cowboys (From Bills) - OT Robert Brewster Ball State
  • 76 Jets (From Saints) - LB DeAndre Levy Wisconsin
  • 77 Texans - OC Antoine Caldwell Alabama
  • 78 Chargers - OG Louis Vazquez Texas Tech
  • 79 Steelers (From Broncos) - OT Kraig Urbik Wisconsin
  • 80 Redskins - CB Keith Barnes Maryland
  • 81 Buccaneers - DT Roy Miller Texas
  • 82 Lions (From Cowboys) - WR Derrick Williams Penn State
  • 83 Patriots (From Jets through Packers) - WR Brandon Tate UNC
  • 84 Steelers (From Bears through Broncos) - WR Mike Wallace Ole Miss
  • 85 Giants (from Eagles) - WR Ramses Barden Cal Poly
  • 86 Vikings - CB Asher Allen Georgia
  • 87 Dolphins - WR Patrick Turner USC
  • 88 Ravens - CB Lardarius Webb Nicholls State
  • 89 Patriots - TE Jared Cook South Carolina
  • 90 Falcons - CB Christopher Owens San Jose State
  • 91 Seahawks (from Giants through Eagles) - WR Deon Butler Penn State
  • 92 Colts - CB Jerraud Powers Auburn
  • 93 Panthers - DT Corvey Irvin Georgia
  • 94 Titans - CB Ryan Mouton Hawaii
  • 95 Cardinals - S Rashad Johnson Alabama
  • 96 Steelers - CB Keenan Lewis Oregon State
  • 97 Patriots (Compensatory selection) - LB Tyrone McKenzie South Florida
  • 98 Bengals (Compensatory selection) - TE Chase Coffman Missouri
  • 99 Bears (Compensatory selection) - WR Juaquin Iglesias Oklahoma
  • 100 Giants (Compensatory selection) - TE Travis Beckum Wisconsin