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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1st Round NFL Draft Pick QB Josh Freeman on joining the team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1st Round Draft Pick QB Josh Freeman discusses what he will bring to the team:

"I'm going to bring all I've got. I'm going to bring a big, athletic quarterback, I'm going to bring hard work and leadership. Hopefully, it'll be something big." - QB Josh Freeman per the St. Pete Times

I think his size alone, well coupled with Raheem's familiarity, helped Freeman become the Bucs selection. I like the kids positive attitude, at least he believes in himself.

Freeman displays the confidence he has in himself:

"Obviously, I know me and I feel like I have the best arm of the bunch. I feel like when it comes down to it, the ability to make something happen and extend plays is my X factor. I'm a big guy, a strong guy, extremely hard to sack. And I feel my ability to avoid the sack and make something happen in the end is what I do better." - QB Josh Freeman per the St. Pete Times

This is the last time I'll compare him to Roethlisberger, BUT those are the intangibles Big Ben brings to the football field. Hopefully Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski can harness those abilities.

Freeman on why he dropped so far:

"I think it comes down to the school I went to. I mean, I've worked out with both those guys. I think they're really good. I'd take me over them. I think it comes down to they went to Georgia, which is a good, competitive team in the SEC and Mark Sanchez went to USC, who pretty much wins the Pac-10 every year. I think it really came down to them going to better schools and winning more games and stuff like that, that had me going 17th or dropping this low. Like I said, they're good quarterbacks. I don't take anything away from them. If I had a pick, I'd take myself. I feel I'm the better quarterback but they're getting more of the hype. I have the rest of my career to prove that I'm the best guy and I'm looking to do everything in my power to make that so." - QB Josh Freeman per the St. Pete Times

I debated on whether to include this quote as he comes off as a bit to cocky. Almost like an inferiority complex to the big school QB's. There's a reason Freeman went to KState. With that said, hopefully he takes being selected at 17th as a slap in the face and allows that to push him harder.

Freeman on whether he is ready to step in and lead this team:

"That's a tough one to answer, I have no idea. I guess we'll find out throughout camp how quickly I get comfortable with the offense and whoever is playing the best I'm sure is going to play. I plan on coming in and competing. I don't believe you play football unless you want to be the starter and that's definitely what I'm working towards. But as far as thinking I'm ready to play right now, I have no idea. [Flacco and Ryan] showed a rookie quarterback can come in and a team can be successful. But they also raised the bar extremely high, those two guys coming in, being the only two first-round guys last year taking their teams to the playoffs is something people are going to expect this class to emulate. We're ready for the challenge." - QB Josh Freeman per the St. Pete Times

Freeman definitely won't start to begin the season. In fact I would be shocked if he received a single snap in the regular season. Byron Leftwich or Luke McCown will back-up one another so it will take at least two injuries for Freeman to surface and that's if Josh Johnson gets cut. It's almost a foregone conclusion that Brian Griese will get cut.