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Buc 'Em Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Draft Live Blog Party

Let’s start our NFL Draft Weekend with a couple noteworthy nuggets:

"The thing about the draft is the players you take there [in the first round] are the players that form your identity. They're Buccaneers from Day One, and they're hopefully going to be Buccaneers until the end of their careers." - General Manager Mark Dominik per the Tampa Tribune

So whomever the Bucs select with the 19th overall selection in today's NFL Draft, just repeat Dom's statement above and no matter the rage you feel, you shall feel a calm cool wave flow through your body. As Martin Lawrence would say, 'Moosai'...

With the 1st pick in the NFL's 2009 Draft, the Detroit Lions have officially signed Georgia QB Matthew Stafford per the Pride of Detroit. Six years for $78 Million. $41.7 million guaranteed!

At least the Pick nearly lasted until Draft Day. St. Louis you are unofficially on the clock! They needed to go this route though, much like the Falcons last off-season. It may or may not pan out for them, but with the 20th overall pick and the first pick in the second round they should be sitting fairly pretty this afternoon… I just hope for the fans sake that they are ready to commit to Stafford and his offensive coordinator for the next three years, don’t allow this to turn into a Alex Smith situation, they have committed too much money now, time to commit the necessary time.

Apparently Texas Tech draft prospect in WR Michael Crabtree is rubbing potential suitors the wrong way. Earlier in the week it was rumored that Crabtree had turned off the Browns with his diva-like personality. It’s now rumored that he shunned the Oakland Raiders by giving the ‘No Comment’ line as to whether he would like to play for the silver and black.

How nice would it be if he fell to us at 19. Let. Me. Stop. Right. There. Ha!

Rumors are circulating that should the Washington Redskins trade up into the Top 5 to select USC QB Mark Sanchez; that they would then look to trade QB Jason Campbell. One of the rumored suitors for Campbell? You guessed it, the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Apparently our Director of Pro Scouting in former QB Doug Williams is enamored with the guy… Please say no… to Campbell and Drugs.. Please and Thank you!

During the St. Pete Time’s Rick Strouds Cover-It-Live Fan Q & A Session, he reiterated that the Bucs would be leaning toward a DE, DT, or CB with that first round NFL Draft Pick.

I tend to agree as I continue to maintain that DeSean Jackson was the popular choice last off-season and the Bucs passed. I can’t see them taking a chance on a player just as questionable this season (reach-wise) in Percy Harvin. Though it wouldn’t shock me as Raheem/Mark have proven they can take the heat for making difficult decisions.

The Bucs did NOT have LB/DE Larry English come into One Buc Place to meet with the NFL Draft Prospect.

This means one of two things: (A) They didnt want to tip their hands to other teams around the league. (B) They aren't interested in drafting the guy. We shall see...

In case you missed it, we did two NFL Draft interviews this week: One for Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner Blog and the other for 1560 AM The Game.

The Yahoo Sports audio is a wee 90 minutes long, ha! If you want you can scroll the audio to the 3/4 quarters mark and see who we took. Hint: We've already told you once before...

You still have time to compete in Mocking the Draft’s NFL Mr. Irrelevant competition.

The prize is $20 bucks. You have to have a Paypal account to participate, but if you don’t have an account play any way and if you win I will send you the prize money via snail mail! Click here to play

NFL Draft Specifics:

  • The NFL Draft begins at 4pm Est time.
  • The 1st and 2nd Round take place today, while rounds 3-7 take place tomorrow at 10am Est time.
  • In Round 1 teams have 10 minutes to make their selection. They had 15 minutes in previous years.
  • In Round 2 teams have 7 minutes to make their selection. They had 10 minutes in previous years.
  • In Rounds 3 thru 7 teams have 5 minutes to make their selections.
  • The Players attending the NFL Draft in New York? WR Michael Crabtree, LB Aaron Curry, LB Brian Cushing, QB Josh Freeman, OT Eugene Monroe, OT Michael Oher, DE Brian Orakpo, OT Jason Smith, and QB Matthew Stafford
  • If you're Freeman why go through the theatrics? He could easily fall today...

    We'll update the Buc 'Em NFL Draft Board below as the NFL Draft Progresses:

    2009 Buc ‘Em NFL Draft Board:

    QB Mark Sanchez DRAFTED BY THE NEW YORK JETS!, USC, Received 25% of the Fans Votes (115 total votes)
    Of late, there is a poor track record for underclassmen quarterbacks in the draft with Vince Young and Alex Smith. Teams will have to do their due diligence with Sanchez. He certainly has the tools and makeup to be an NFL quarterback, but he's still not a completely proven commodity. May have to learn for his first year or two, which could make him slide some. Was urged by USC coach Pete Carroll to return for his senior season, but still decided to leave early. - per Mocking the Draft
    DT Peria Jerry, DRAFTED BY THE ATLANTA FALCONS, Ole Miss, Received 22% of the Fans Votes (101 total votes)
    Jerry is the model of a three-technique tackle. He's lightning quick off the line and can shoot the gaps really well. He can make an impact up front and has been a top prospect for two years. Cousins Dwayne Rudd and Eddie Strong played in the NFL. Other cousins, Jamarca Sanford and John Jerry play for Ole Miss. The leader of the Ole Miss defensive line. - per Mocking the Draft
    WR Percy Harvin, DRAFTED BY THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS, UF, Received 21% of the Fans Votes (97 total votes)
    Harvin is a fun player to watch, but it's no guarantee how well his college exploits will translate to the NFL. It's likely he'll have to be used as a wide receiver/running back hybrid, similar to Bush and Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans. Finished his career with 133 receptions for 1,929 yards and 13 touchdowns, and 194 carries for 1,852 yards and 19 scores. Had a span of 15 consecutive games with a touchdown. - per Mocking the Draft
    DE Aaron Maybin DRAFTED BY THE BUFFALO BILLS!, Penn State, Received 8% of the Fans Votes (38 total votes)
    At this point in his career, Maybin is somewhat similar to DeMarcus Ware when he was coming out of Troy. He's an excellent pass rusher, but almost completely unproven against the run. The lanky Maybin has a frame that looks like it can hold 15 additional pounds, but can he add it? That may ultimately determine is draft placement. He'll likely begin his career as a backup or a pass rusher specialist. - per Mocking the Draft
    QB Josh Freeman, DRAFTED BY YOUR TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS, Kansas State, Received 5% of the Fans Votes (26 total votes)
    Freeman is an incredibly intriguing prospect. He has a powerful arm and good touch. However, he is very mechanically flawed and will need a patient quarterbacks coach. Threw 34 interceptions in 35 career games, which is troublesome. Still, some team will fall in love with his physical tools. At times his play is reminiscent of Ben Roethlisberger, but he's been too inconsistent to chance a first-round pick on. - per Mocking the Draft
    DT Evander (Ziggy) Hood DRAFTED BY THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS, Missouri, Received 5% of the Fans Votes (23 total votes)
    Hood saw his production drop dramatically in 2008 following a stellar junior season. His senior year exposed his flaws as a pass rusher and inability to handle two blockers. What a team will get in Hood is a consistent, hard working player who can handle the run fairly well. Reportedly showed a lot of effort during Senior Bowl practices. Played in 48 games at Missouri, starting 32. - per Mocking the Draft
    CB Alphonso Smith DRAFTED BY THE DENVER BRONCOS, Wake Forest, Received 4% of the Fans Votes (22 total votes)
    If Smith were two or three inches taller, it’s likely he’d be consider a top-10 pick. He has optimum speed, agility and is willing to do the extras like play the run and return kicks. Even played some on offense during his college career. First team All American as a senior. Atlantic Coast Conference career leader in interceptions. - per Mocking the Draft
    DE/LB Larry English, DRAFTED BY THE SAN DIEGO CHARGERS!, Northern Illinois, Received 4% of the Fans Votes (20 total votes)
    English’s stats (32.5 career sacks and 57 tackles for a loss) make him an extremely intriguing pass rush prospect. He has good straight-line speed and a knack for getting to quarterbacks. However, he seems somewhat like a one-trick pony. He doesn’t play the run especially well and has little experience in pass coverage. As a senior, he only had 37 total tackles. Most likely a 3-4 outside linebacker, unless he can be a quick study and play strong-side linebacker for a 4-3 team. - per Mocking the Draft
    RB Knowshon Moreno, DRAFTED BY THE DENVER BRONCOS, Georgia, Received 2% of the Fans Votes (10 total votes)
    Moreno was somewhat of a surprise entrant into the draft following his redshirt sophomore season. However, he is ready for the NFL. Moreno rushed for 2,734 yards and 30 touchdowns while catching 53 passes for 704 yards and two touchdowns in his career. His greatest asset is his speed and quickness. Still, though, he sometimes likes to power over opponents too often and will need to learn to use his assets more appropriately. Easily the top running back in the class and may be just as good of a running back prospect as Adrian Peterson. - per Mocking the Draft