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Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Draft Interest: Who they like

Leading up to the NFL Draft each team is allowed to visit with up to 30 players at their facility. The toughest task for us is waiting to find out whether the players they bring in are legitimate possibilities or just plain smoke screens. Players could also be brought in to check medical records, to confirm character flaws, or as a favor to a coach that is familiar with them from past meetings (i.e. Josh Freeman). With that said here is a collective list of the players they Bucs have been linked to whether it be via private workouts, pro day interest, or rumored interest:

  • Quarterbacks: Josh Freeman Kansas State
  • Running backs: Ben Williams South Florida, Jeremiah Johnson Oregon
  • Wide receivers: Percy Harvin Florida, Louis Murphy Florida, Taurus Johnson South Florida, Ramses Barden Cal Poly, Darrius Heyward-Bey Maryland, Mike Wallace Ole Miss
  • Offensive linemen: OG Ryan Schmidt South Florida, OT Phil Loadholt Oklahoma, OC Max Unger Oregon, OT Michael Oher
  • Defensive linemen: DE Michael Johnson Georgia Tech, DT Chris Baker Hampton, DT Ron Brace Boston College, DT Terrance Knighton Temple, DE Cody Brown UConn, DE Kyle Moore USC, DT B.J. Raji Boston College, DT Peria Jerry Ole Miss,
  • Linebackers: OLB Jason Williams Western Illinois, OLB Maurice Crum Jr. Notre Dame, OLB Ashlee Palmer Ole Miss
  • Cornerback: Joe Burnett Central Florida
  • Safety: SS Marshall McDuffie Florida Atlantic, FS William Moore Missouri
  • It’s no surprise the Bucs would be linked to the defensive line position more than any other in the draft. With nine receivers on the roster I figured the Bucs would pass on the position come this weekend, but I’m starting to waver on that rule of thought (Quan Cosby, Greg Carr, come on Raheem/Mark!). I would be pretty excited with Michael Johnson as the Bucs first round draft pick, he would receive his fair share of double teams based on size alone, which would only help Gaines get to the QB. To this day I have no more idea of which player the Bucs are looking to draft then I did at the onset of the off-season, that will make the Draft extra fun to watch… Could Everette Brown drop to us?