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Sound Off: Who Should the Bucs Take in the NFL Draft?

We've participated in multiple mock drafts. We've profiled numerous players. We've asked your opinion on specific guys. We've even polled you on who the Bucs should take in the upcoming draft. But there's a small issue with everything we've done so far (not a problem, just an issue). We've guided your feedback. We've said "here's some info about player x, now tell us what you think about him." But we haven't given you the chance to go off on your own (aside from Fan Posts of course).

So what do you think? We're mere days away from the 2009 NFL Draft. Who should the Bucs take? Who should they stay away from? And most importantly why?

This is a chance for you to tell us in one place why you think what you think. It's not a chance for you to say "they should take this guy cause he's awesome." Well, why is he awesome? You're the GM. Make the pick and back it up.